Meanings in nonsense

Sometimes clouds up on the sky may look like figures and some times ink-blots in the book form faces and the nonsense drawings in the sketchbook (“telephone sketches”) creates an object or a landscape; by chance something reveals and it´s hard to grasp why.

Moods, feelings and thoughts affects the projections imagined even though it´s hard to interpretate the manifestations.

I´ve tried to make some process-mapping in earlier works (Circuit of Projections) based on these concepts and have tried to see some patterns in the results.

For example I´ve asked myself: Can sadness be represented by gray-shades and shadows? Can bright colours and light inpose that hapiness and joyfullness are present? Can fishes and underwater scenes represent introversion and could birds and skies express feelings of freedom and openness?

At least sometimes it does…

Out of nonsense sketches:








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I am self-employed artist and work mainly with projects related to my education in Art and Architecture.

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