Rational creativity and Art

Find this scheme interesting to compare with the creative process in art:

Skärmavbild 2015-07-26 kl. 16.41.42

It´s a theory model about how a creative process work/could work [The Directed Creativity Cycle] made by Paul E Plsek (system engineer) in 1997.

He explains it more here

I think it´s relevant also in the art field, but Plesk, that comes from the management context, consider it as a rational and conscious method and maybe there it differs.

Instead of concrete problems or task to solve artist might get more subconscious questions to answer. And during the art creative-processes “patterns of meanings” and “fragments of truths” are discovered and revealed instead of result and ideas to use in developments and improvements.

These as similar processes, occurring in different levels of consciousness, whether or not the work is written in a paper, implied in an organization or shown in a gallery. Similar processes, similar questions but in different languages and with different terminologies. Different point of views; together able to see more of the whole picture.

True or not; at least it´s an  encouraging approach in an rational era when it´s essential to show the importance of art and debate the ignorance of reducing it to a childish game, periphery school subject or a amusement tool.

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I am self-employed artist and work mainly with projects related to my education in Art and Architecture.

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