Skärmavbild 2017-08-22 kl. 12.50.27

Johan Ahlström works as a freelance artist primarily in the Stockholm region as well as in Halland and Östergötland. He holds a BA in Fine Arts from The Finnish School of Fine Arts in Helsinki and a BA in Architecture from Lund University. Johan’s work is oriented around various materials in sculpture and painting, often touching upon themes regarding human impact on and relation to nature.

Over the last decade, Johan has worked extensively in a variety of contexts with public art projects, workshops, pedagogical work and collaborations with other artists. This includes, among others, positions as Artistic Director for major cultural initiatives of local authorities targeting groups such as refugees and persons with mental illness. His work has been well received when exhibited at Liljevalchs Vårsalong in 2009 and 2010, as well as at Hallands Vårsalong. He has also held solo exhibitions and participated in residence programs abroad.

If you are interested in Johan’s work do not hesitate to write to j.ahlstrom@hotmail.se.

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